Brett Osborn

Artistic Development

Brett Eric Osborn was born in Lima, Ohio in 1963. Both his father and his cousin are
artists and influenced the young Osborn during his formative years. Brett recalls
being a child during a "Friday-night-smoked-filled-room-critique" where his father
and friends would meet to look at slides of contemporary artists and their work.
His father worked as a painter and a designer. His father's familiar designs included
the "Grey Hound Bus" logo and the "Circle K" logos.

Brett studied painting, film and theater at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.
He supported himself working in professional theater as a set builder, in television as
an art director and after moving to Southern California in 1987, worked in Hollywood
as a special effects miniature artist. Notable films include, Star Trek IV,
Karate Kid III and Darkman. Because of the inconstancy of work in the film industry
Brett Eric Osborn was able to paint during lulls between “gigs” and was offered his
first solo show in 1988.

In 1991 Brett Eric Osborn entered graduate school at California State University
Long Beach where he received his MFA degree in Painting. After graduating Brett Eric
Osborn moved to a Los Angeles studio and began painting full time. He achieved
recognition by being selected for publication in New American Paintings No. 19 in
October 1998. Soon after, he accepted representation by Olga Dollar Gallery in San
Francisco, Ruth Bachofner Gallery in Santa Monica, and Lyman Eyer Gallery in Boston.

In November 2000, Brett Eric Osborn was the featured emerging artist in Art and
Antiques Magazine. Also in 2000 he began teaching as an adjunct professor throughout
Southern California.

In 2003, Brett Eric Osborn accepted a full-time position at The Savannah College
of Art and Design. He now serves as the Dean of the School of Fine Arts in Atlanta, GA.


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